Jacquelyn Brioux
Researcher and Service Experience Designer

Kind Words

Kind words from colleagues and clients

You are the best manager/leader/team builder I’ve encountered, really, anywhere. It has been a pleasure to watch and learn from you.
— Kim Looney, Information Designer, Sapient
You have a big heart and that will continue to serve you well in the design industry as you empathize with your customers, and as a leader when managing human capital. People trust you, they count on you, and they look up to you—never forget that.
— Christian Murphy, Content Strategist, Fannie Mae
Jacquelyn and I met at work while traveling to a campus recruiting event at Carnegie Mellon, and we’ve since become good friends both at work and outside of it. Jacquelyn is not only an incredible and empathetic designer (as evidenced by her stunning work,) she is also a powerful public speaker and recruiter.

Jacquelyn was integral in creating a new entry-level Experience Design program at Capital One, wherein we hire interns and associates looking to gain broad, generalist experience in the design space. She put together a vast array of documentation and shaped what an ideal candidate for the group would look like. The program has since taken off, and as a direct result of her efforts we have hired a dozen full-time and half-a-dozen interns for our first-ever season, all of whom hail from top design programs and universities across the country.

Jacquelyn has spoken about money and happiness at several People + Money (known internally as “PAM”) events, in the style of TED talks. In these talks, she is as charismatic and charming as she is honest and vulnerable. She represents what Capital One is trying to do, proving it’s “more than just a bank.” Not only are her talks moving, but as a recruiter myself, they’re an excellent tool for showcasing the types of wonderful people and work we’re doing here, and are the reason many of our candidates became interested in the first place.

Jacquelyn has since moved from the Digital group to Capital One Labs, but we remain in close touch as I also support some of the entry-level recruiting in her new group. Jacquelyn is a valuable asset, both as a designer and as a representative of the company. She is one of the most hardworking, passionate, steadfast, honest people I know, and she works with all her heart. Any company would be lucky to have her on their side.
— Blake Day, Talent Acquisition, Capital One
Jacquelyn, we are going to really miss you. Everyone LOVED the mock up of the user interface, the website, the font you selected, and the poster. We got so many compliments on how the “look” of the company captured the idea of young girls playing.
— Lyssa Neel, Founder / CEO, Linkitz
Jacquelyn’s work ethic is excellent. Her ideas as well as her design and communication skills are equally note-worthy. She is a relentless researcher, constantly striving to learn and to do things better. She is highly creative and zealous in her pursuits. In short: one smart cookie. I hired her initially because of her passion and potential — I thought she could learn a lot from my experience — I realize now that I learned far more from her.
— Ari Wise, Owner / President, Core Music Agency
It has been an absolute privilege to work alongside Jacquelyn at FACTOR, and to observe as she hugely improved the face of the organization through her excellent communications and design skills. The passion, dedication, and hard work that she applies to all areas of her work is extremely motivating and inspiring to those around her. These qualities combined with her honest, friendly, and thoughtful nature, make her a true leader.
— Christina Cassaro, Artist Manager, Arts&Crafts
Jacquelyn is a very conscientious person who has great communication skills and was a pleasure to work with in my role as a Board member of FACTOR. She was instrumental in raising the profile of the FACTOR communications and stakeholder relations department, ensuring that all stakeholders were kept well informed and provided timely information related to ongoing functions of the organization. As well, she is a very nice person!
— Rick Arnish, Chairman, Jim Pattison Broadcast Group (FACTOR Board Member)
Jacquelyn consistently demonstrated a keen sensitivity to her clients’ needs, and an ability to quickly assess a situation and work in a pro-active and professional manner toward common goals. She always engaged both myself and other clients in a courteous, friendly, professional, and flexible manner. Her multi-tasking and organizational skills were also a huge asset. Jacquelyn’s interpersonal skills are second to none. She was always a friendly voice, and full of wonderful conversation and insight in the high-pressure world of film and television production.
— Christopher Nickel, Composer
I’m so glad to have crossed paths with Jacquelyn in my career because she’s been not only an amazing team member, but also a great mentor. With her positive attitude and her ability to see designs in many different ways, I was always in awe of her final product. I’d often turn to Jacquelyn for advice knowing whatever tip she would give me would bring me closer to a solution. Jacquelyn is an exceptional designer and you can definitely see the passion she has for her career. She is a problem solver who is motivated to bring her best work forward.
— Jenny Choi, UI Designer, Uberflip
Jacquelyn’s professionalism and work ethic was evident day one at FACTOR. She immediately innovated communication methods among the Board of Directors for FACTOR, created from scratch an engaging social media plan and re-built the FACTOR website. In each case we were thrilled by her efforts. Jacquelyn digs in and gets it done.
— Steve Parsons, Manager - National Programming, Bell Media (FACTOR Board Member)
I first met Jacquelyn when she was working with Core Music Agency – in fact her presence there was an important factor in my decision to sign on with them. She has a thorough knowledge of new applications and trends, social media, web design, and all the necessary programming for interaction among the various components. Jacquelyn is a great collaborator — very thorough and detail oriented, and a pleasure to work with. I can recommend her with complete confidence for any of your design projects.
— John Welsman, Composer
Jacquelyn is knowledgeable and highly innovative and her enthusiasm is contagious. Her grasp of the big picture in combination with her attention to detail makes for successful and inspiring projects.
— Keri Latimer, Songwriter / Composer
I have never met anyone more dedicated to artists and the love of music like Jacquelyn. She has the integrity and the fire to see artists flourish and grow. I am glad I have her in my circle and would trust her in every aspect of the industry.
— Suzana d'Amour, Singer / Songwriter / Performer
Jacquelyn was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her passion and thirst for music was infectious, and she’s just generally a great person to have around.
— Jeff Tymoschuk, Composer

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