Jacquelyn Brioux
Researcher and Service Experience Designer

Website Design — Various Projects


User Research / User Interface Design

Balsamiq / Justinmind Prototyper / Zoho Survey


User Research / User Interface Design

Balsamiq / Photoshop / Illustrator / InVision / Intercom / Mouseflow / Chrome Developer Tools

I’m so glad to have crossed paths with Jacquelyn in my career because she’s been not only an amazing team member, but also a great mentor. With her positive attitude and her ability to see designs in many different ways, I was always in awe of her final product. I’d often turn to Jacquelyn for advice knowing whatever tip she would give me would bring me closer to a solution. Jacquelyn is an exceptional designer and you can definitely see the passion she has for her career. She is a problem solver who is motivated to bring her best work forward.
— Jenny Choi, Product Designer, Connected Lab (Former Colleague at Uberflip)


Website Design / User Interface Design / Print Design

Squarespace 7 / Balsamiq / Photoshop / Illustrator / Basecamp

Due to the confidential nature of this project, only the website is featured. Feel free to  contact me  with comments or questions.

Due to the confidential nature of this project, only the website is featured. Feel free to contact me with comments or questions.

Jacquelyn, we are going to really miss you. Everyone LOVED the mock up of the user interface, the website, the font you selected, and the poster. We got so many compliments on how the “look” of the company captured the idea of young girls playing.
— Lyssa Neel, Founder / CEO, Linkitz

Allied Mission Group

Website Design / Brand Identity Consulting

Squarespace 7 / Google Apps / Google Analytics / Google Webmaster Tools / SEO


Website Design

Squarespace 7 / Google Apps / Hover / Google Analytics / Google Webmaster Tools / SEO


Website Design / Digital Strategy / Content Strategy

Mockflow / Photoshop / Dreamweaver / Web CMS for Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Microsoft Azure / Foundation

Jacquelyn’s professionalism and work ethic was evident day one at FACTOR. She immediately innovated communication methods among the Board of Directors for FACTOR, created from scratch an engaging social media plan and re-built the FACTOR website. In each case we were thrilled by her efforts. Jacquelyn digs in and gets it done.
— Steve Parsons, Operations Manager, Newcap Toronto (FACTOR Board Member)


Brand Identity Design / Website Design / Print Design

Squarespace 6 / Illustrator / Photoshop / InDesign / Google Apps

John Welsman

Website Design

Squarespace 6 / Google Analytics / Google Webmaster Tools

I first met Jacquelyn when she was working with Core Music Agency – in fact her presence there was an important factor in my decision to sign on with them. She has a thorough knowledge of new applications and trends, social media, web design, and all the necessary programming for interaction among the various components. Jacquelyn is a great collaborator — very thorough and detail oriented, and a pleasure to work with. I can recommend her with complete confidence for any of your design projects.
— John Welsman, Film and Television Composer

Core Music Agency

Web Copywriting / Webmaster / Digital Strategy

Drupal / Illustrator / Photoshop / Dropbox / SoundCloud / Vimeo / Daylite / Social Media

Jacquelyn’s work ethic is excellent. Her ideas as well as her design and communication skills are equally note-worthy. She is a relentless researcher, constantly striving to learn and to do things better. She is highly creative and zealous in her pursuits. In short: one smart cookie. I hired her initially because of her passion and potential — I thought she could learn a lot from my experience — I realize now that I learned far more from her.
— Ari Wise, Owner / President, Core Music Agency